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Welcome to the Internet Home of
BJ Schwartz
Director, Writer , Producer


This website is a work in progress. Please Come Back Soon.
In the meantime you can also check out my first film:

The Award Winning
Wolves in the Woods
WolvesPressPhotoHD2 Pasted Graphic 2 WolvesintheWoods1

"Excellent ... surprising and very accomplished"
- Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

In addition to the site, there are other
Works in Progress:

In Post-Production: An Original Short Film

SECOND CHAIR, INSIDE: A one act dramatic thriller about two East German émigrés who share an evening ... and a secret that might lead a measured man to murderous extremes.

OneSheet SecondChairInside 3

In Development: A New Horror Screenplay

THE GOLEM: A horror concept that has been rattling around in my head for a long time finally found it’s way out of the darkplace and into the light.


The concept is a loose riff on an old Eastern European mythical creature (that has had many different iterations in the oral and written tradition).
golem circle

My take is a bit more ... fleshy ... and visceral than its forerunners, and the story takes place in the modern day -- in a Mining Town in Eastern Pennsylvania. But like the earlier stories, the issues of class warfare and intergenerational strife play a large role.

An early draft of the script and an “accidental pitch” have generated interest. I’m totally excited about the possibilities and the material.
I'd love to say more about the story and the interested parties .... but I’ve been told not to just yet. So, I will be a good kid and try to forgo the immediate gratification for now. Probably a good thing cause there’s much work to be done ...

I’ll be getting this site ship-shape in the not too distant future. Though, other matters are taking priority at the moment. So, check back for news, and
hopefully a fun web presence in months to come....