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BJ is an Stanford trained attorney, award winning filmmaker, writer, and VR pioneer.

BJ has garnered awards, notoriety and praise as both a traditional filmmaker and writer – from his highly successful film "Wolves in the Woods” (Telluride Film Festival) to his comedy writing for his satire site Citizen Schwartz. He is also a successful improvisational and standup comedian performing throughout the LA and is the producing mastermind behind the new multimedia comedy project May I Help You?! Starring Billy Merritt and Michael Delaney.


Along with his writing, directing and producing partner Annie Lukowski, BJ founded Vanishing Point Media -- a cinematic VR Production Company -- in 2013. VPM's clients include New Deal Studios, Banana Republic, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, ABC, Stan Lee (and his POW! Entertainment), and many more.

BJ is widely respected as an expert in the field of immersive advertising and narrative and has taught courses in Cinematic VR creation at UCLA as part of the university's extension program.


Contact email: bj (at) bjschwartz (dot) com


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